FastFox Drives Aston Martin DB9 Carbon Black


The Dark Art of Seduction
The Aston Martin DB9 was a car FastFox had been waiting to road test for a while. The excitement and anticipation went into overdrive when we found out it would be the Carbon Black Edition. This is one sexy beast. The DB9 has timeless elegance that is delivered in bucket loads with striking confidence. This exclusive special edition sees minimal adornment achieve maximum impact, fusing simplicity, discretion and drama in a unique dark theme.Maserati-aston-small_03

The DB9 Carbon Edition makes a very loud statement without saying a single word. The Carbon Edition maintains the irresistible blend of potency, beauty and technical expertise of the current DB9 but goes further, with an expertly styled exterior and simply luxurious interior features. Offered in a choice of Carbon Black or Stratus White, and in both Coupe and Volante formats each specification exudes a visual magnetism impossible to resist.
The world’s definitive sports GT. DB9 and its cutting-edge AM11 V12 engine deliver peak power of 517PS and a sprint time to 62mph of just 4.6 secs. The Carbon Edition sees this physical power now come with a new commanding presence as a specially created dark design theme utilises only the finest modern materials.
Dramatic Exterior Detailing. Beautiful in form, lightweight in function only the most precise carbon weave is used to fashion five exterior details. Front splitter, mirror caps, side strake, rear lamp infills and rear diffuser is deftly applied to create a dark design theme either complementing or contrasting with the choice of exterior paint. All these elements entice the eye to follow its form and beauty and just stand for a moment to take it all in.Maserati-aston-small_02
A Carbon-Fibre diffuser, draws air from beneath improving aerodynamic efficiency. The setting for two large tailpipes both coated in a tough, dark ‘Graphitic’ finish, complements the colour of the surrounding carbon weave. Further intensity comes from black intake meshes, ‘graphitic’ tailpipes, exquisite black diamond-turned wheels and optional carbon-fibre door handles. Stealthy black window surrounds cap off discrete distinction. The Aston Martin side strake. An iconic feature, instantly recognisable. DB9 Carbon Edition adds a modern take. Carbon-fibre creates a unique, textured look, blending in or standing out depending on your choice of exterior colouring.
The visual pleasure and physical enjoyment of the opulent interior continues to seduce your senses once you climb inside. A carbon-fibre facia, paddle-tips and door pulls weave interior to exterior as supple leather cossets to create a unique driving environment. A Flash of Colour. From darkness comes a spark of light. An optional accent of red, silver, or yellow flashes through stitching, interior welt and head-rest embroidery. The most precise stitching on the finest leather sears with vibrancy and colour. Seductive Tactility. A reflective sheen of Piano Black air vents and trim, together with anodised rotaries, black treadplate and pedals maintain our tradition of using the most tactile materials. DB9 Carbon Edition takes the elegance of DB9 and adds dramatic theatre. Uniquely Marked. Carbon Black and Carbon White sill-plaques adorn the black treadplate, a time-honoured mark of exclusivity. This signature of distinction and desirability completes a treatment that blends detail with drama, subtlety with impact.
The Aston Martin website, like all other luxury sports car manufacturers, has loads of detail and stunning images about their model range. However there is one addition with Aston Martin. They also have engine sound clips for you to listen to. The sound of an Aston moving up through the gears in the high rev range is a glorious symphony of engineering genius. This car is an amazing thing to be in at any time but once you are on an open road the fun really begins. The driving experience and feel of the road is exceptional. Drive an Aston Martin and all your senses will sing with delight.

The Facts
Power 517 bhp
Engine 6 litre V12
Acceleration 0 – 62 mph in 4.6 secs
Top speed 183 mph
Fuel consumption 19.8 mpg (Combined)
Price of model tested £ 146,070

Verdict: Certainly a timeless classic that uses the very latest technology and materials to deliver style, comfort and the very best driving experience. Adrenaline fuelled pleasure to put a huge smile on your face and make you laugh out loud. We are crazy for this car.
Rating: *****
Road Tested by: Adam McCartney
With thanks to: Aston Martin Leeds.


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