FastFox Drives the Porsche Boxster S

Porsche Boxster S
The Boxster S is the flagship model in the Boxster range which has evolved again recently. It presents an even more athletic interpretation of the roadster concept with more power and more efficiency. For those who have ever dubbed the Boxster as a poor man’s 911, think again! The Boxster S is a fantastic sports car with great road holding and of course exhilarating acceleration. Our model had the full package with PDK which is Porsche’s double clutch system and a Sports Exhaust or ‘Loud Button’ fitted which is a must for that extra thrill.
The Boxster is a true driver’s car and the road handling is stunning. The looks aren’t bad either.
Verdict: I’ve given the Boxster S a five star rating. This is one of my favorites that we’ve ever tested. It is a stunning driving machine. When you compare the facts about cost and performance it all makes sense. It’s as quick and as fun to drive than the standard 911. I really want one.
Rating: *****
Road Tested by: Adam McCartney
With thanks to: Porsche Sheffield
The facts:
Porsche Boxster S (with PDK)
Power 315 hp
Top Speed 172 mph
Acceleration (0-62 mph) 4.8 secs (in Sports+ Mode)
Fuel Consumtion Combined 34.4 mpg
Price from £48,957.00


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